The WellQor Way is a comprehensive, proactive approach to successfully managing behavioral health in a senior living facility.

Transitioning the WellQor way

Caring for the wellbeing of residents in any senior living facility is a complex proposition that goes far beyond attending to the residents’ physical needs. Ensuring that senior residents are kept safe, healthy, comfortable and well adjusted, requires that their chosen community has ready access to the resources necessary to pro-actively attend to both their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Change is Hard

Transitioning to a senior living community  is stressful, not only for the prospective resident, but also for their families and caregivers.  Usually, the move became necessary due to a significant life event related to one or more of the following:

     • Loss of the senior’s spouse or partner
     • Deterioration in physical and/or cognitive function
     • Other circumstances that put the senior’s safety in jeopardy

It’s more than just hospitality

While safety and comfort are immediate needs that families consider for deciding on a senior living facility, the leadership of such a facility has to be concerned with much more than hospitality.   The emotional state of a prospective resident is a crucial factor to keep in mind, as this one factor has the potential to affect the long-term success of the community.


  • Behavioral health of the residents can adversely affect staff retention and turnover if and when staff members feel they are ill equipped to adequately address residents’ emotional needs
  • Medical costs are directly tied to resident’s behavioral health care
  • When residents’ emotional health is uncared for, the families and caregivers are likely to become dissatisfied with the senior living facility’s services, thereby causing customer feedback and reviews to turn negative 

An integrated, proactive approach safeguards positive outcomes

When a facility provides comprehensive, whole person care for their residents, the results are beneficial for all involved.

  • Residents who are emotionally well adjusted, do better physically
  • The facility may experience a potential reduction in overall healthcare expenses
  • Staff burnout and turnover is expected to decline, since those who are typically hired to address residents’ physical needs would no longer be required to address their emotional concerns
  • Families and caregivers can rest easy, knowing that their loved ones are being cared for in a holistic manner

Senior Living The WellQor Way™

Establishing a WellQor partnership is the key to ensuring a proactive, comprehensive approach to providing senior care.  The WellQor Way allows qualified clinicians who specialize in senior behavioral health care to integrate into the core clinical team, and provide critical behavioral health care on-site, to your residents, as needed. As part of a comprehensive care team, our WellQor providers take a proactive approach to caring for your residents, leaving little or no need for reactive responses to acute behavioral health needs.

The WellQor Way™ also ensures that the residents, their families and the senior living community staff are well integrated and are actively participating in the complete care of the senior.

When you become a WellQor Premier community we provide:

  • Wellness checks to each new resident and establish a baseline for their emotional state
  • Transition and ongoing therapy to help new residents adjust to their new lifestyle and promptly address other concerns as they arise
  • On-site behavioral health care for your residents as part of their ongoing comprehensive treatment plan
  • Resident and family presentations on brain health and cognitive care
  • Behavioral healthcare training for qualified staff members
  • Support groups for families and caregivers as they navigate difficulties commonly associated with senior care and residents’ transitions

Most WellQor services are covered by Medicare and many commercial insurance providers. Become a WellQor Premier community and stand out as the ultimate choice in senior living. Getting started is easy.

Schedule a presentation to speak with a representative to learn more about becoming a WellQor Premier community.

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