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COVID-19 Crisis Management Services

During this tremendously challenging time, Mental Health services are needed to help support the entire senior living community ecosystem through the crisis. WellQor clinicians are uniquely equipped to provide these services. This program was created to help manage and assist with the following:

  • Staff anxiety and embracing of roles as healthcare professionals
  • Educating residents on how to best manage their fears and uncertainty
  • Normalizing and validating the concerns of family members related to the crisis
  • Reactions to feelings of isolation that residents may experience
  • Reframing unhealthy thoughts, feelings of lack of control, and thoughts of hopelessness
  • Collaborating and coordinating care during a highly intensified period
  • Anger related to concerns about the impact of the disease
  • Preventing community staff burn-out during an exhausting and stressful time


Description / Purpose

Informal Resident Support

Gives residents on-site access a licensed mental health expert either using a “drop-in” location or floating throughout the community to assist them with the following:

  • Assisting residents with ways to make contact and feel more connected with the outside world
  • Identifying high-risk residents who are exhibiting excessive stress, heightened anxiety and concerning behaviors
  • Rephrasing and processing lock-down measures
  • Facilitating communication with loved ones.
  • Supporting high-risk residents (Hospice, home-health and other serious physical and mental health issues)
  • Hold group / pod sessions to normalize feelings and anxiety related to the crisis.
  • Reaffirming feelings of safety and security
  • Connecting residents with other social support services as needed

Staff Crisis Support

On-site support for staff and community leadership on handling the psychosocial impact of the crisis.

  • Educating on how to best handle heightened behaviors from patients with limited understanding
  • Training and reinforcing simple approaches to self-care
  • Holding group / pod sessions with staff to normalize and process stress and
  • Acting as a sounding board for frustrations staff may be experiencing during this time
  • Being an available resource to process heightened emotions and prevent burn-out
  • Assist with managing calls / concerns from family members in order for them to feel supported and confident in the community’s management of the crisis (reduce burden on staff).  Ideally delivered proactively instead of reactively

Staff Debriefing

Facilitates the opportunity for staff members to process and discuss their emotions during this time of heightened stress while having to maintain care for residents.

  • This is specific therapy technique used during crisis
  • Can be group or 1:1 at the end of a shift.
  • Assists in preparing impacted team members for “reentry” each day.
  • Used to prevent burnout

Crisis Support Hotline

By providing phone crisis services for family members and community staff, we are able to quickly assess, triage, and support an individual in their time of need in the least restrictive setting. By using our crisis service, you have timely access to a trained crisis intervention specialist.

  • Venting and validation
  • Express anxiety for their loved one’s safety
  • Understand the benefits of a “lockdown”
  • Process their thoughts, and feelings that are tied to the event
  • Provide staff with key details regarding their loved one (“mom likes this song I sing to her”)
  • Facilitate “talk time” between the family and the patient
  • Provide updates on your loved one in the facility (ie. Slept well last night and ate 75% of meal this AM)
  • Discuss important ways to connect (card sending, letter writing, pictures, etc)
  • Manage anger and heightened anxiety due to the unknown and lack of control
  • Reassurance provided to heightened anxiety – normalizing their reaction
  • Assist in identifying ways to make visits more impactful once visitation can resume (reminiscing)

Call minimum 15 minutes, then 10 minute increments


Linnea Fuchs
Vice President of Field Operations
WellQor Management Services Inc
(213) 200-3729

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