Being Away from Aging Loved Ones Right Now is Really Hard, for You & Them.

WellQor can help.

WellQor provides telehealth counseling exclusively for Seniors nationwide.

Are You Worried about Mom or Dad?

Is the pandemic keeping you apart from aging loved ones?

Are they exhibiting increased sadness, anxiety or irritability?

Getting support from a WellQor counselor will help you and them. Trust a healthcare provider that ONLY works with Seniors, and know you’ve given them the best care possible.  After all, they did it for you.

To learn more about how we can help you, please watch this video of one family’s journey with WellQor.


WellQor makes getting support AFFORDABLE, and it’s EASY!

minimal Out of Pocket Costs.

NO REFERRAL NEEDED  Our patient intake team does all the work to get you started.

Large network of licensed counselors, TOGETHER  we’ll find the right one for you. Need to switch providers? No problem!

Most Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans cover WellQor services with little or no out of pocket costs. Enter your insurance information to confirm your coverage.


WellQor has helped thousands of concerned family members like you:

I live in CA, and Dad lives in Texas—it has been so hard not seeing him, it really began taking a toll. It hasn’t been safe to travel. He was anxious & irritable—and nothing I said seemed to help. WellQor has given me such peace of mind knowing that Dad has an outlet—someone to talk to about his loneliness & frustration around the pandemic.


Los Angeles, CA

“Calling WellQor to get help for Mom is the single most important thing I have done to help my family during the pandemic. And, surprisingly, it was also the easiest. Short forms, easy access to the staff, and Dr.Fowler is amazing!”


Cleveland, OH

“Before getting help from Dr. Giella, my siblings and I were at a loss—we didn’t know how to talk Mom & Dad through the isolation & sadness of being apart from their Grandkids. WellQor has been life-changing for us, and them. Thank you, WellQor!!!”


Burlingame, CA

“After trying repeatedly to find someone to help my Mom, a friend suggested I call WellQor. Their staff was responsive, professional and compassionate. I am so relieved to have a support system for her, and peace of mind for me!”


White Plains, NY

“After losing my husband of 40 years I no longer knew who I was or what I was supposed to do. I didn’t even realize I had isolated myself from friends and family. By working with my WellQor therapist, I was relieved to learn that much of what I was feeling was normal. She helped me work through my grief and I was able to redefine myself and become hopeful about my future. Yes, I miss my husband every day still, but I am able to give myself permission to enjoy my life.”

Rose M.

Unlike other counselors that provide generalized therapy for all age groups, WellQor provides emotional support for depression, sadness and anxiety EXCLUSIVELY for older adults nationwide. WellQor’s licensed counselors have extensive training and experience working with Seniors and the issues that older adults and their families face.

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