An integrated, proactive approach to mental health safeguards positive outcomes

Comprehensive Care Works

When an individual receives whole-person care, the results are beneficial for all involved. Seniors who are emotionally well adjusted do better physically and healthcare costs are reduced.

• Providing continuum of care encompassing both physical and emotional health

• Obtaining insight into distinguishing effects of mental health from ailments affecting physical well being

• Decreasing burden on physicians and staff by having experts in mental health dealing with emotional triggers that can manifest as physical symptoms

• Addressing mental health non-pharmacologically thereby reducing effects of polypharmacy and drug-drug interactions

• Limiting side effects and drug interactions potentially caused by psychotropic drug use

• Reducing healthcare expenditures directly resulting from utilization of testing and procedures in lieu of needed mental health treatment

• Providing patients a full range of healthcare options from physical to mental well being

• Creating a connection between a Physician and Therapist allows for complete patient care and easy and efficient efficient patient co-management

Establishing a  relationship with WellQor is the key to embracing a proactive, comprehensive approach to  senior care.  The WellQor Way™ allows clinical psychologists and LCSWs who specialize in geriatric behavioral health to integrate into a core clinical team, and provide care to patients as needed. As part of a comprehensive care team,  WellQor clinicians work hand-in-hand with other healthcare providers  to ensure a collaborative, holistic approach to caring for your patients, leaving little or no need for reactive responses to acute behavioral health needs.

Stressors Contributeto
Increases inHealthcare Costs

The average healthcare cost per year for seniors are 5x higher than those of younger adults. Seniors experience significant life transitions and stressors that likely contribute to these higher costs.

The link between mental health and physical health is well established. A comprehensive approach to care is a proven way to improve individual health and manage costs. WellQor clinicians specialize in  dealing with the unique issues that older adults face, including working with those experiencing cognitive decline. By incorporating WellQor into a comprehensive care team, outcomes can be improved and expenses reduced.

Our Methodology

WellQor utilizes a collaborative care model with an approach to treatment that is patient-centered, data-driven and evidence-based. Our Neuropsychologists, Clinical Psychologists, and LCSWs work with patients, caregivers, and treatment team members to maximize and enhance the overall health and wellness of seniors. The WellQor practice model employs well known evidence-based behavioral health measures including the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9), Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS), Geriatric Anxiety Scale (GAS), and Geriatric Anxiety Inventory (GAI) as well as our own proprietary measures specifically geared towards seniors.  The WellQor Adaptability Index (WAI), WellQor Emotional Vitals (WEV), and the WellQor-Behavioral Acuity Scale (WBAS) are used by WellQor clinicians to assess and track progress over time, and modify treatment plans as needed to ensure the best possible outcomes for the seniors they treat.

Proprietary Senior Specific Measurements

The WellQor Adaptability Index (WAI) is an individualized, data-driven measure used to assess and quantify senior emotional health during transition to a senior living community. This objective measure assesses factors that are critical for senior wellness, including current mood, psychosocial stressors and adjustment, behavioral concerns, cognition, and functional abilities. Based on a patient-centered care approach, the WAI is used by qualified WellQor clinicians to assess individual need for behavioral health services, ascertain personal goals and treatment targets, and identity potential psychological, behavioral, or cognitive issues that may benefit from proactive interventions. The WAI results guide and enhance WellQor’s collaborative service approach to support senior behavioral health across the nation, and to ultimately improve senior quality of life and reduce overall healthcare costs.

WellQor Emotional Vitals are a set of individualized, objective measures used to assess and quantify emotional health within the senior population. These measures assess factors that are critical for senior wellness and comprehensive care, including current mood, adjustment, behavioral concerns, cognition, functional abilities, and pain. The Emotional Vitals measures are routinely used by qualified WellQor clinicians to collaboratively determine individual treatment goals and targets, track individual progress over time, and assess safety risks. Mental health impacts physical health in the senior population, and WellQor’s Emotional Vitals quantify emotional health in order to provide a data-driven, comprehensive approach to senior care.

The WellQor Behavioral Acuity Scale (WBAS) is a specialized, data-driven measure used to guide behavioral interventions for the senior population. Built on the evidence-based practice of behavior analysis, the WBAS guides treatment for behaviors that cause disruption and emotional distress among seniors and/or caregivers (i.e., verbal and/or physical threats, aggression). This measure is used by qualified WellQor clinicians to identify, evaluate, and monitor target behaviors and behavioral modification interventions. Behavioral disturbances cause suffering among seniors and caregivers, and increase the risk of caregiver burnout, institutionalization, and hospitalization. As part of WellQor’s collaborative, evidence-based practice approach to senior health, WBAS results are used proactively to treat behavioral disturbances, mitigate associated risks and healthcare costs, and improve quality of life within the senior population.


Why Partner with WellQor?

• Seniors have unique issues that require specialized care

• WellQor has a large, well trained clinician network and a modern support infrastructure that ensures that the referral process is easy and efficient

• Emotional vitals, cognitive testing and other quantifiable measurements provide important data to help guide care

• Advanced charting and reporting capabilities make it easy to monitor patient progress and maintain a feedback loop

• WellQor’s Teletherapy Kiosk can be deployed anywhere so a practice can easily incorporate behavioral health and offer comprehensive care

Reach out to the WellQor team by calling (646) 687-4646, or simply begin referring your patients today filling out this form.