WellQor has developed specific crisis management programming to assist senior living communities in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. Click here for details.

WellQor Seniors are Healthier and Happier

Trained in Compassion

WellQor partners with leading senior living communities to provide comprehensive emotional and cognitive care programs for the entire community. Our trained, full-time professionals work on-site at each location, developing long term relationships with individual residents, their families, and staff.


Our team’s committed presence allows them to craft effective,   personalized emotional and brain health programs for each individual resident as well as give crucial support and communication to their families and those who provide their daily personal care.

The WellQor Way™

We call our all-inclusive approach to wellness The WellQor Way™. In addition to improving the emotional, cognitive, and relational, health of our senior clients, the WellQor Way also results in peace of mind for family members as well as increased staff effectiveness and job satisfaction. Our years of experience in this field show the combination of our holistic community-wide approach, committed on-site behavioral health experts, and leading-edge brain health tools dramatically improves the life experience of the entire senior living community.

…the WellQor Way also results in peace of mind for family members as well as increased staff effectiveness and job satisfaction.

WellQor Communities

At WellQor Premiere Communities™, our licensed, expert, geriatric psychologists and clinical social workers deliver a variety of therapeutic services for individual residents, groups, families, and staff members in pursuit of healthier and happier lives.

In addition to fostering better communication with family members, our on-site professionals provide ongoing training and counseling to community staff, ensuring everyone understands more fully their senior clients’ cognitive and emotional health needs. We also offer free periodic cognitive and emotional Wellness Checks to all community residents, whether or not they are current WellQor clients.

Through this comprehensive and supportive approach, WellQor creates a calmer and more harmonious living environment in our partner communities. Those seniors who need help get it, and the entire staff gains deeper insight into the reasons behind the issues their senior clients face, as well as being given tools to respond to those issues effectively and compassionately.