What If...

You loved what you did every day…

You loved the people you worked with…

You loved the company you worked for…

You knew you were growing professionally and personally, and felt financially secure?

WellQor is looking for experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care.

Available Positions

What If...

All your education and training genuinely made a difference in the world?

Available Positions

As a WellQor Licensed Clinician, you will be part of a specialized team of mental health professionals operating via cutting-edge treatment modalities. Our specialized training, well established industry experience, specialized evaluations, and collaborative approach make us the premier provider of behavioral healthcare for adults over 50.


And you will do satisfying and rewarding work every day. 


It is no secret that most health care companies expect you to plug into an industrial and often overloaded system that rarely allows you to deliver any actual quality patient care. At WellQor we want you to do clinical work you can feel good, even excited about, right from the start. At WellQor, we’ll make sure you get the training, support, and flexibility you need to provide quality care. We’ve worked extremely hard to build a company culture that sets us apart from other telebehavioral clinical organizations. We care for our patients, and we care for each other.  

We follow a treatment team care model, which means our clinicians are not operating isolated or alone. Regionally, clinicians are assigned to teams which they can connect with and consult for advice, institutional knowledge, and continued feedback. Clinicians build relationships with our Clinical Directors to review treatment plans and obtain valuable feedback as well. Furthermore, we maintain our own message boards where clinicians can ask questions, get advice from our vast clinical network, or browse our extensive library of clinical resources. We call this modern, holistic approach to providing comprehensive emotional and cognitive and behavioral care… The WellQor Way™.

You will use the latest tools and techniques, and work how you think best. You will also set your own work schedule, one that allows you to meet the needs of your patients and the demands of your own life.

At WellQor we believe in supporting our clinicians every step of the journey, from comprehensive initial training and mentoring from an experienced Clinical Director, to helping you develop personalized treatment plans for each individual patient. At WellQor we think it is vitally important that you grow and thrive as much as your patients do.

By joining the WellQor team you will be helping people at a critical time in their lives, doing a job that you love, for a company that loves you back. Talk to us!  

What our Clinicians are Saying

"Working with the geriatric population is immensely rewarding! They are appreciative of the time that we spend with them and this population is extremely underserved. To be honest, I wish I would've started working with the geriatric population sooner than I did as they have a positive and meaningful impact on us as well! "

Latisha, PhD,

Columbus, OH

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What our Clinicians are Saying

"During a meeting with a family member, she was so grateful to hear how we care for her mom, relieved to know she wasn't alone, and moved that we were interested in supporting her as well as her mom. Many families aren't really aware the level of relationship and care we provide to their loved ones. And that we can provide to sessions for them as caregivers. When they learn this, it is huge for them. "

David, PsyD,

Pasadena, CA

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What our Clinicians are Saying

"...I just wanted to thank you and the company for being so flexible and helping me in various ways since the beginning of this pandemic. I can honestly say I have never worked for an employer that made special accommodations to help me succeed during a challenging time. I just wanted to let you guys know how much I value that. I'm proud to be a WellQor clinician!"

Sarah J., LCSW,

Milwaukee, WI

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What our Clinicians are Saying

"It is so rewarding to support and encourage family members that are overwhelmed, helping them to reframe what is happening to their loved one in a more positive light. Mostly they inspire me how they can have chronic pain but rarely complain and are able to make jokes and keep things light. They inspire me to be a better person."

Mary G, LCSW

Racine, WI

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What our Clinicians are Saying

"Seniors appreciate our efforts. They involve us with their lives. They show their true feelings good and bad. The families seem to be grateful for our interventions and being a non judgmental ear for them to vent their own frustrations."

Jean D, LCSW

Burbank, CA

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What our Clinicians are Saying

"I've found that the seniors have such interesting life stories that they love to share. In addition, almost all of them have a wonderful sense of humor. Most days I go home having learned something new AND having shared a good laugh or two!"

Louann D, LCSW

Long Island, NY

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What our Clinicians are Saying

"Working for a company that genuinely supports their employees with a work life balance is key!! WellQor has so many wonderful tools in place to ensure their clinical teams are supported! The culture at WellQor ensures that clinical staff at all levels feel supported and included, and this naturally carries over into the high quality of work delivered!"

Linnea F, Regional Director

Los Angeles, CA

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Our Training Program

Your career with WellQor starts with a comprehensive training program that ensures you will have the knowledge and skills to address the unique needs of seniors.  Training Includes:

  • An extensive curriculum on the specific emotional and cognitive challenges facing our aging patient population through live training sessions from our national experts and WellQor's e-learning platform.
  • Training and mentorship from an experienced lead psychologist in your area.
  • Case reviews and coaching with your initial patient group.
  • Access to our unique “Clinician Connect” platform where you can share ideas and interventions with other professionals in the WellQor network.

Available Positions

WellQor Opportunities Available Nationwide.

Wellqor currently provides in-person services at partnered senior living communities in the states in orange.


Telehealth Services are delivered to clients nationwide.

If you run a psychological practice in a market we’re not currently providing community based services in, click here to learn more.

Are you a licensed psychologist who is an entrepreneur at heart?

Looking to build a practice and make a difference?

A Scalable Integrated Senior Behavioral Health Platform

      • Proprietary WellQor behavioral health EHR system designed specifically for use by an in-field clinical organization.
      • Use of WellQor clinician training program and curriculum
      • Access to WellQor’s Clinician Connect™ platform
      • Tools and materials specifically designed for use with seniors. 
      • Established relationships with dozens of leading senior living organizations, provider networks and other referral sources.
      • Centralized consent, credentialing, eligibility, billing, collections, human resources, payroll, accounting and reporting.
      • Use of WellQor’s Teletherapy Platform, optimized for use by seniors.

Be a part of the growing WellQor Community

Geriatric psychological care is a booming segment in the health industry and we have created a path for professionals who want to do quality work with that underserved part of our population. 

No matter whether you are an established psychologist or just starting out, WellQor wants to give you the opportunity to build a psychological practice of your own. We help you create a specialized practice that serves seniors who desperately need licensed professionals to deliver quality, mental health care. 

What does WellQor offer?

You take care of your patients, we take care of the administrative headaches – the EHR system, HR, payroll, billing and collections, all of it. We also provide what you need to make your practice thrive from the start – training and development, marketing muscle, established WellQor protocols and  guidelines, plus cutting-edge therapeutic tools and technology designed specifically to serve the senior population.


You get to focus on taking care of people, we’ll do the rest...

You became a psychologist to help improve people's lives. Now you can build a business that will impact thousands of them.

And do it the WellQor Way™

Become a WellQor Practice