Being Away from Family & Friends Right Now is Really Hard.

WellQor can help.

WellQor provides telehealth counseling exclusively for Seniors nationwide.

These are stressful times for everyone.

Seniors like you are experiencing increased sadness, depression, or anxiety as a result of being separated from friends & family and many are benefiting from emotional support provided by WellQor counselors.

To learn more about how we can help you, please watch this video of one senior’s journey with WellQor.


WellQor makes getting support AFFORDABLE, and it’s EASY!

minimal Out of Pocket Costs.

NO REFERRAL NEEDED  Our patient intake team does all the work to get you started.

Large network of licensed counselors, TOGETHER  we’ll find the right one for you. Need to switch providers? No problem!

Most Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans cover WellQor services with little or no out of pocket costs. Enter your insurance information to confirm your coverage.


WellQor has helped thousands of Seniors like you:

“Being in a high-risk age group and being isolated at home for all these months had really taken a toll on my relationship with my spouse. With every passing day, we became more frustrated with each other—turns out we were both just really sad and anxious because we couldn’t see our family..we felt trapped. Dr.Miller has helped us be more patient with each other and given us the skills to manage the uncertainty of the pandemic. Thank you, Dr. Miller!!!”


Hempstead, NY

“Getting connected with Dr. Fowler was so easy. The WellQor staff was so helpful and I couldn’t believe there was no out of pocket cost for my weekly sessions. WOW! Thank you, WellQor!”


Columbus, OH

“”The pandemic has kept me from seeing my grandchildren for several months—it’s been harder than I ever imagined! I found myself feeling down and teary-eyed all the time. My son heard about WellQor from a friend and I’m so glad I called. It’s still hard being away from my family, but my weekly meeting with Dr. McCray is helping me get through this crazy time!”


Folsom, CA

““Dr. Smith and the WellQor staff changed my life by helping me manage my sadness and giving me the skills to cope during this difficult time. I am so grateful!”


Georgetown, TX

“After losing my husband of 40 years I no longer knew who I was or what I was supposed to do. I didn’t even realize I had isolated myself from friends and family. By working with my WellQor therapist, I was relieved to learn that much of what I was feeling was normal. She helped me work through my grief and I was able to redefine myself and become hopeful about my future. Yes, I miss my husband every day still, but I am able to give myself permission to enjoy my life.”

Rose M.

“I went to the emergency room because I thought I was having a heart attack.  I was bewildered to hear it was a panic attack.  Sure I had some anxiety but I looked at it as being meticulous.  I decided to find out more about anxiety.  I was matched with my clinician Amy who provided me with valuable education.  I had no idea that my physical and mental health symptoms impacted each other.  As wee began to talk I realized my anxiety was through the roof.  My fixations were actually controlling my life. I washed my hands several times a day with 3 pumps of soap and  3 paper towels.  I took 4 showers a day for 45 minutes. What I was trying to control was now controlling me.  I needed to take my life back.  I developed a “toolbox” of things to do when I became anxious.  I am happy to say that I am down to 1 shower a day for 20 minutes and no longer needed to count the pumps of soap and paper towels.”  

Ronald M.

Arlington, TX

Unlike other counselors that provide generalized therapy for all age groups, WellQor provides emotional support for depression, sadness and anxiety EXCLUSIVELY for older adults nationwide. WellQor’s licensed clinicians have extensive training and experience working with Seniors and the issues that older adults and their families face.

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