The WellQor Way is a comprehensive, proactive approach to successfully managing emotional health in a senior living facility.

Transitioning the WellQor way

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Every family wrestles with the decision to have a loved one move into a senior living community.  In the current environment, they’re more conflicted than ever. By partnering with WellQor, trained experts are available to help mediate potential conflict, build confidence, and set expectations to facilitate a smooth transition. By partnering with WellQor, families will rest assured that emotional and cognitive needs are identified early and addressed before a crisis arises.

The WellQor team consists of licensed professionals trained and specializing in gerontological issues. They collaborate closely with the senior care team and leverage the experience of the entire WellQor Network to compassionately bring the very best ideas, resources, and options to our senior clients and their families while delivering fully integrated cognitive and behavioral health care. 

This is the WellQor Way™.

Change is Hard

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Transitioning to a senior living community is stressful, not only for the prospective resident but also for their families and caregivers.  Usually, the move became necessary due to a significant life event related to one or more of the following:

     • Loss of the senior’s spouse or partner
     • Deterioration in physical and/or cognitive function
     • Other circumstances that put the senior’s safety in jeopardy

It’s more than just hospitality

senior careWhile safety and comfort are immediate needs that families consider for deciding on a senior living facility, the leadership of such a facility has to be concerned with much more than hospitality.   The emotional state of a prospective resident is a crucial factor to keep in mind, as this one factor has the potential to affect the long-term success of the community.



When a community provides comprehensive, whole person care for its residents, the results are beneficial for all involved.

  • Residents who are emotionally well adjusted, do better physically
  • Medical costs are directly tied to a resident’s emotional health
  • Staff burnout and turnover rates decline
  • Families and caregivers can rest easy, knowing that their loved ones are being cared for in a holistic manner

Our Approach

The WellQor team consists of licensed mental health professionals trained and specializing in gerontological issues. Our Lead Psychologist oversees the overall community program while a Licensed Clinician conducts one-on-one sessions with our clients as frequently as needed. Our practitioners use highly developed clinical programs to better address their clients emotional, psychological and cognitive needs.

In addition, our professionals are able to provide Wellness Checks for all residents, ongoing education for staff,  lead support groups, and help manage community crises. 

Our WellQor team members work closely and with staff, family members and other healthcare providers to compassionately bring the very best ideas, resources, and options to our senior clients while delivering fully integrated behavioral health care. This is The WellQor Way™.


Senior Living The WellQor Way™

Establishing a WellQor partnership is the key to ensuring a proactive, comprehensive approach to providing senior care.  The WellQor Way allows qualified clinicians who specialize in senior behavioral health care to integrate into the core clinical team, and provide critical behavioral health care on-site, to your residents, as needed. As part of a comprehensive care team, our WellQor providers take a proactive approach to caring for your residents, leaving little or no need for reactive responses to acute behavioral health needs.

The WellQor Way™ ensures that residents, their families and  community staff are well integrated and are actively participating in the complete care of the older adult.

Senior Living Community Programs

WellQor has developed a suite of services designed to support residents, family members, and staff throughout their journey as part of a senior living community.

Proactive Monitoring and Identification


Our Transitions program was created based on the understanding that every new resident’s first month is critically important to ensure the long term success of the relationship. WellQor clinicians help to establish confidence, comfort and reassurance during a time that new residents and their families are often experiencing regret, loneliness and uncertainty during this period of significant change.


The Peace of Mind Program is an ideal solution to ensure that the emotional wellbeing of residents is being actively monitored so that issues can be identified early and proactively managed rather than waiting for crises to develop within the community.  WellQor evaluators speak with each resident quarterly, obtain their Emotional Vitals, then conduct an assessment of their mood and cognition.  The resulting Wellness Report quantifies the level of support required, describes any areas of concern and makes suggestions to improve the overall Wellness of the resident.  This report can be incredibly useful to both families and community staff.

Clinical Support and Early Intervention


Our Premier program was developed for communities that want the full-time on-site presence of a trained WellQor clinician who can participate in the daily operations of the community.  Not only is the clinician conducting 1:1 sessions with individuals requiring treatment, but they also support community staff, conduct group sessions, provide training and even crisis management services.


The Support program is primarily delivered through a Teleheath platform which can be quickly deployed using a WellQor Kiosk.  WellQor Psychologists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers conduct assessments and perform 1:1 and family therapy designed to help residents who are in need of mental-health services get the care they need in the comfort of the community.

The WellQor Senior Living Solution

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WellQor clinical services are covered by Medicare and Advantage PPO plans. Become a WellQor community and stand out as the ultimate choice in senior living. Getting started is easy.

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