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Recommendations From Doctor Nussbaum

May 16,2017

Brain Health Lifestyle®

WellQor champions brain health for all regardless of age and we follow the work and Brain Health Lifestyle® of Dr. Paul Nussbaum, WellQor’s Chief Clinical Officer.

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The following brain training exercises are recommended by Dr. Nussbaum.

Fit Brains

Fit Brains is a fun and challenging brain training program brought to you by Rosetta Stone, a premier learning company. Fit Brains was designed by game experts with inputs from neuroscientists, and strives to make brain training accessible and affordable to all. Their games are designed to challenge different areas of your brain, but in a fun and game-like way. Click here to learn more.


Roberto is a user-friendly brain health and wellness tool. It’s based on pencil-and-paper and tabletop apparatus tests used for more than 50 years to measure neurocognitive and neuromotor performance. And it’s fun! Just play a series of videogames that target different areas of your brain. Click here to learn more.

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