Is Retirement Not What You Expected?

Struggling with a new way of life? You are not alone.

A WellQor Counselor Can Help.

WellQor is a telebehavioral healthcare company providing mental health services for mature adults nationwide.

Are you having increased feelings of sadness and anxiety?

Second-guessing your decision to retire?
Not sure who you’ll be without your career?

Many people suffer from post-retirement depression.  Getting help from a WellQor counselor will help. And because we accept most insurance, it’s affordable. Call us today or set up an informational meeting. Our intake counselors make it easy.

Retired, Now What?

Is retirement different than you imagined?

If so, you’re not alone. Newly retired people often find themselves with time that they don’t know what to do with. As you work to redefine your life and find a new purpose, you might even be second guessing your decision to retire. These feelings are common, and the uncertainty of a major life change can often bring unexpected feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Many people suffer from post-retirement depression. In fact, studies show that retired people are almost twice as likely to suffer from depression than those who chose to continue working (referenced Journal of Population Aging). This can be extremely frustrating, especially considering the fact that many people retire to escape the stress and obligations of working life. Not to worry though, if you’re retired and struggling to acclimate to this new lifestyle, there are some easy ways to help yourself be happy.


WellQor makes getting support AFFORDABLE, and it’s EASY!

minimal out-of-pocket costs.

NO REFERRAL NEEDED  Our patient intake team does all the work to get you started.

Large network of licensed counselors, TOGETHER  we’ll find the right one for you. Need to switch providers? No problem!

Most insurance plans cover WellQor services with little or no out-of-pocket costs. Enter your insurance information to confirm your coverage.


WellQor Has Helped Thousands of Adults Transition to Retirement!

“I was really looking forward to all the time I was going to spend with my husband after he retired. I thought we would travel and fix up the house. Instead we found the transition to retirement was hard.  After reaching out to WellQor, I was able to find ways to help us BOTH ease into this new chapter of our lives.  The WellQor process was unbelievably easy, and insurance covered most of the cost.  I wish I had done it sooner! “

Melissa S.

Essex, CT

“After a 30 year career in a high-pressure job,  I thought retirement would be the best time of my life.  In reality, the transition was really hard.  WellQor set me up with a great therapist that helped me put structure back in my days and my wife says I’m much easier to be around now!  That in itself was worth it!!”

Mitch S.

Park City, UT

“Retirement was not what I expected–the days ran together, my spouse and I  argued all the time, and I missed the camaraderie of being at the office. It was really starting to affect my mood, and I didn’t feel like doing anything.  Working with my therapist at WellQor really got me back on my feet, and helped me figure out what was next for me.  I think I’m going to get the hang of this retirement thing, after-all!” 

Jeffrey M.

Scottsdale, AZ

“I thought that retiring meant that I could spend all my time pursing my hobbies, traveling and enjoying friends and family.  The first few months were great, then I found myself bored and restless and feeling like I didn’t really have a purpose.  My wife was frustrated with me and it really was getting rough.  Working with Dr. Smith has been super helpful, and I’m beginning to reinvent myself and really enjoy this stage of life.”

Chris B.

Austin, TX

Adjusting to Retirement the WellQor Way


  • Identify the emotional complexity of retirement
  • Establish a process for decision making to anticipate and manage expectations
  • Explore unresolved feelings related to retirement


  • Implement problem solving strategies to find comfortable resolutions
  • Develop an individualized action plan leading to self identification and newly defined roles
  • Find fulfillment during retirement


  • Overcome feelings related to retirement
  • Continue to success of maintain independence throughout retirement
  • Adjust to challenges created by the “new normal”

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