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WellQor Launches Game Changing End-To-End Solution for the Proactive Management of Emotional Health in Senior Living Communities

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Pandemic forces communities to revisit their approach to care.

Melville, NY – October 12, 2020 

The global pandemic has senior living communities seeking ways to rebuild public confidence in their ability to care for their residents. Vacancy rates have skyrocketed while new communities are opening across the country, giving seniors and their families more choices than ever. With anxiety surrounding senior living at an all-time high, there’s an urgent need for innovative ways to reassure family members that their loved ones will be happy, safe, and secure in their community. WellQor, the nation’s leader in senior behavioral health, today announced the launch of two new programs: Transitions and Peace of Mind which, when deployed in conjunction with their existing clinical services, provide a complete behavioral health solution for communities that wish to fully understand and meet the emotional needs of their residents.

“Community staff members are often overwhelmed by their day-to-day responsibilities and unable to focus on individual resident needs that aren’t acute. By partnering with third party healthcare providers like WellQor, staff members can take advantage of deep expertise in identifying and addressing the myriad of health issues that seniors face” said David Schwam, CEO of WellQor. “These overlooked needs far too often result in move-outs that could have been prevented”. 

WellQor’s new Transitions program was designed to ensure that new residents and their families are sufficiently prepared for the move to senior living. For approximately thirty days, WellQor’s licensed professionals work closely with each incoming resident and family in order to help them overcome challenges which can result in an unsuccessful move. Sources of stress and anxiety are identified, the definition of a successful move is established, and realistic expectations for the transition process are set. In communities using the Transitions program, the findings from this process are discussed at length with the care team in order to facilitate an ongoing, comprehensive and collaborative approach to care.  

WellQor’s Peace of Mind program gives communities the ability to proactively monitor “how every resident is actually doing”. After gathering information from a family member and completing a quarterly assessment of a resident’s emotional and cognitive health, WellQor generates their proprietary “Wellness Report” for each resident. This report uses an easy to understand scoring system and provides valuable insight and suggestions for the improvement of their emotional health. The Wellness Report is shared with staff and family members to be used as the basis for planning and collaboration in order to improve the residents’ overall well being. WellQor’s sophisticated reporting capabilities allow communities to understand, both at an individual and aggregate level, issues that may be impacting resident outcomes, duration of stay, and caregiver stress and turnover.    

By deploying the Transitions and Peace of Mind Programs, communities now have the ability to proactively identify issues long before they become significant problems that require staff attention. When professional intervention is required, WellQor’s clinical team of licensed Psychologists and Clinical Social Workers can immediately engage using either telehealth or in-person sessions in order to help move past the issue prior to it becoming a crisis.  In this spirit, WellQor offers a one of a kind solution that makes emotional healthcare more accessible and proactive than ever before. 

Increasingly, communities are leveraging preventative medicine as a way to define care and set themselves apart from those who simply react to issues as they are discovered. By helping to implement a collaborative and comprehensive approach to care, WellQor can help these communities reestablish trust and confidence with seniors and their families and rebuild their census.

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