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Senior Housing News: WellQor Profiled On Approach to Brain Health In Seniors

When it comes to senior living, there are five generally accepted dimensions of wellness — mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual. For true wellness, all must be addressed.

Although each dimension is equally important, a recent report released by Senior Housing News states that senior wellness begins in the brain. Senior Housing News, or SHN, is the leading source of information pertaining to the senior housing industry.

You empower someone with information and education, then you empower them with the tools they might need to fill up their gestalt. That’s going to lead to better outcomes.Dr. Paul Nussbaum, co-founder of WellQor

The report, which is universally respected throughout the industry, emphasized the importance of brain health in seniors and indicated that proper diagnosis is severely lacking in the U.S., making proper treatment extremely difficult. While shedding much-needed light on this industry-wide issue, the report praised WellQor’s three-step process for improving brain-health lifestyle for seniors. WellQor’s mission is to partner with seniors and their communities to ensure that seniors receive proper treatments and properly pursue their wellness goals.

The company currently works with 160 senior living communities in eight states, and while great progress is being made, there’s still a lot of work to do.

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