We believe good health starts with good mental health.

Our History

It came from seeing a need.

WellQor developed its expertise through partnering with senior living communities.  Historically, these communities  have always done their best to provide for older adults physical care. They keep them safe, arrange social activities, help them with medication, nutrition and physical therapy, and aid with bathing and dressing when needed. However, seniors have always had needs beyond the physical, and to address a senior’s emotional and behavioral issues after they become serious is simply not enough.

It is reactive, not proactive. 

We at WellQor saw a need for something better, a way to provide on-site, ongoing emotional and behavioral care for seniors to help them settle in to their new home, manage life transitions, slow cognitive decline, reduce pain, and address fulfillment issues, grief, anxiety, depression, and even family dynamics. Everything your senior might face.

We created the WellQor Way™ to give seniors at our partner communities a better life.

To achieve that, we assembled local teams of expert Psychologists, Neuropsychologists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers. Working with our partner communities locally and across the nation, our on-site teams of professionals strive daily to provide exceptional care for their individual clients as well as improve the overall environment of the communities they serve.

Based on the success of our community based programs, we expanded our services by deploying an innovative teletherapy program.  Now, WellQor clinicians can support their clients in the comfort of their homes, and ensure that their emotional health is optimized.

And it works. Seeing our clients’ faces “light up” when they see their WellQor professional is reward enough, but hearing reports of lowered hospitalization rates and medication needs, improved caregiver staff effectiveness and satisfaction, enhanced  social interactions and overall “happiness,” drives home the importance of WellQor’s mission.

Core Elements of
The WellQor Way:

• Highly qualified specialists trained in the unique challenges facing seniors

• Sophisticated reporting on client needs and progress available to family members and staff

• Cutting edge tools and techniques for cognitive therapy, adjustment management and behavioral modification

• Robust support and education programs for family members, communities and caregivers

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