We believe good health starts with good emotional health.

Our History

It came from seeing a need.

WellQor developed its expertise through partnering with senior living communities. Historically, these communities have done their best to provide medical and physical care for their residents. 

Yet we saw a way to do something more, to work with senior living communities to provide ongoing emotional and behavioral care that would directly help older adults manage life transitions, slow cognitive decline, and reduce pain, and to help them address grief, anxiety, depression, fulfillment issues, even fraught family dynamics. 

Everything families face through the aging process.

To achieve that, we assembled teams of Life Coaches, Psychologists, Neuropsychologists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers. Together, they provide exceptional care for their individual clients as well as improve the overall environment of their communities.

Based on the success of our community partner programs, we expanded our services by offering an innovative TeleHealth program. Now, WellQor clients can connect from the comfort of their own home to the best specialists available, wherever they might be located. It’s easy and secure, and ensures all of our clients can safely receive the therapeutic care they need.

And it really works. Seeing our clients’ faces light up after a session with their WellQor professional is reward enough, but to also see lowered hospitalization rates and medication needs, improved caregiver effectiveness and satisfaction, enhanced social interactions and overall “happiness,” absolutely drives home the importance of WellQor’s evolving mission.

Our Future

The COVID crisis created an urgent need for innovative approaches to the delivery of healthcare. As a result, WellQor recently deployed its proactive “Peace of Mind” program. At regular intervals, we contact your loved one where they live. Our friendly professionals listen to them, providing connection and understanding, genuinely getting to know your loved one in order to objectively evaluate how they are actually doing. Afterwards, a report provides valuable feedback, creating an “early warning” system that, if something’s not quite right, allows for effective recommendations and suggestions to be made. 

 It’s a way for everyone to feel better.

… This is the WellQor Way™

Core Elements of
The WellQor Way:

  • Highly qualified specialists trained in the unique challenges facing seniors
  • Sophisticated reporting on client status and needs, with progress available to family members and caregivers
  • Cutting edge tools and techniques for cognitive therapy and behavioral modification
  • Robust support and education programs for family members, communities and caregivers

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