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WellQor Clients are Healthier and Happier

WellQor is the Leading Provider of Mental Health Services for Mature Adults!

Caring and Compassionate


WellQor provides comprehensive online therapy and cognitive care programs for mature adults.  We offer a wide range of solutions carefully designed to improve overall well-being, including our innovative new “Peace of Mind” program specifically created to identify issues before they become long-term problems. 


decorativeOur team of licensed clinical psychologists, social workers and life coaches have extensive training in the unique issues presented by “life’s transitions.” They use their expertise to provide individualized attention through online counseling, creating nourishing long term relationships with their clients, families, and caregivers.

The WellQor Way™

decorativeWe call our all-inclusive approach to wellness the WellQor Way. In addition to improving the emotional, cognitive, and relational health of our clients, the WellQor Way fosters the well-established link between emotional and physical health. Our years of experience in online therapy show that our holistic approach dramatically improves the lives of our clients and gives their family members peace of mind.


WellQor works exclusively with Adults 50+

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What our clients are saying

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“The skill, caring, kindness and advocacy you have provided for our mom has been an incredible help to us (and more importantly to mom). Aside from your beneficial services and support for her, it has gone a long way to lessen our anxiety as family members knowing we have yet another resource for mom who cares for her health and well being.”

Ed & Tammy

“Fyi..Dr. F is probably the best therapist I’ve ever had..she is a gem ..I’ve had too many to count but i recognize her expertise..Thank You..you guys saved my life!”

Evelyn J.

“I want to say 1000x what an incredible gift from Grace it is to work with Jen and anyone else affiliated with WellQor. You truly do the work of angels.”

Barrie S.

“I just want you to know we all appreciated the way you worked with Bob…with understanding, compassion, patience and a desire to help him enjoy the best quality of life possible.”

Wendy S.

“I appreciate Jean, who treats me like a partner in Dad’s care. She is responsive to my questions and concerns, and continues to provide great suggestions to make things better for Dad. My deepest thanks go out to Jean for her professionalism, expertise, and warm heart, and to Wellqor for making her services available to my father and me.”


“Bless you all for being there for those who need you.”


“After losing my husband of 40 years I no longer knew who I was or what I was supposed to do. I didn’t even realize I had isolated myself from friends and family. By working with my WellQor therapist, I was relieved to learn that much of what I was feeling was normal. She helped me work through my grief and I was able to redefine myself and become hopeful about my future. Yes, I miss my husband every day still, but I am able to give myself permission to enjoy my life.”

Rose M.

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