WellQor Seniors are healthier and happier.

WellQor partners with leading senior living communities to provide comprehensive emotional and cognitive care programs for the entire community. Our highly trained, full-time professionals work on-site at each location and develop long term relationships with individual residents, their families, and community staff members. Our team's committed and consistent presence allows them to craft highly effective, personalized emotional and brain health programs for each individual resident while also providing crucial support and communication to relatives, friends, and staff members that make up the resident’s new family at the community.

We call this 360-degree approach to wellness the WellQor Way™. In addition to improvements in emotional, cognitive, relational, and motor health of individual residents, the WellQor Way also results in peace of mind for family members and increased effectiveness and satisfaction for staff members. Our years of experience in this field show that the combination of our holistic community-wide approach, committed on-site behavioral health experts, and use of leading-edge brain health tools dramatically improves the experience of the entire senior living community.

Psychological Services

At WellQor Premiere Communities™, our clinicians deliver a wide variety of services for individual residents, families and staff members in pursuit of healthier and happier lives. Our expert geriatric psychologists and clinical social workers even offer free periodic cognitive and emotional wellness checks for all residents, whether or not they are current WellQor clients, and provide guidance for staff and family members on ways to improve the residents' senior living experience. WellQor's on-site clinicians also provide ongoing training programs and counseling for community staff to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills to understand the residents more fully and manage the cognitive and emotional health aspects of providing the best possible care. In addition to regular communication with family members, WellQor conducts educational programs about the types of challenges facing loved ones as they move through this phase of life. Through this comprehensive approach in support of mental and emotional health, WellQor’s programs come together to create a calmer and more harmonious environment for residents. Those that need help are getting it, and everyone involved in their care and support has deeper insight into the reasons behind changes in behavior and the tools to respond effectively.

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