How to Find a Therapist That’s Right for You

Tips for Finding a Therapist

Finding the right therapist can be difficult. A quick search is going to yield hundreds of results with many of them booked or not specialized in what you need. Some people want to resolve family and relationship conflicts. Some people want a safe space to work through an issue like trauma, depression, or anxiety. Others enjoy the helpful life coaching that a therapist can provide. Whatever your reason may be, it’s going to influence the type of therapist you choose. 

1. Find a Therapist Who Specializes in Your Age Group. 

As we enter different phases in our lives, our worries and issues are going to change. For those of us who are older, our issues are going to be a lot different than the issues of a recent college grad. A therapist with experience in your age group is going to have a better understanding of your life. 

They’ll know the historical context in which you’ve lived: social movements, wars, cultural phenomena, and so on. They’ll also be more acquainted with your body and brain, which functions differently according to age. A therapist who doesn’t specialize in your age might not fully understand the effects that aging has on the chemical and physical makeup of your body.  As a result, they may not be able to treat your issues the right way. At WellQor, our therapists specialize in issues of aging, understanding the unique problems that occur during each phase of life. 

2. Look into Their Training and Experience.  

Specialized training and broad experience can make a therapist a better fit for you. You’ll want to find a therapist who has dealt with a wide variety of issues – specifically issues that affect you. The experience and training that your therapist has will allow them to pick up on cues faster, and help you get on the right track. For example, the experience that our therapists have with treating anxiety and depression allows them to treat these issues proactively and effectively. Since they’ve treated anxiety and before they can identify early warning signs, recommend tested and proven treatment plans, and alleviate the root causes of depression and anxiety

3. Find a Therapist Who You Like! 

Finding a therapist that works well with your personality is going to help you see better results at a faster rate. When we talk to therapists, we sometimes approach topics that are deeply personal. It’ll be easier to work through these topics if you like and trust your therapist. At WellQor, our therapists work to build trusting relationships with patients, so they can better understand your life and the issues that affect you. 

About WellQor

WellQor was founded to serve the counseling needs of adults across the country. Through our personalized care and collaborative approach, WellQor’s online therapists help their clients love themselves and live their best lives.

Whether it’s depression, family conflict, anxiety, stress, or grief, our online therapists are specifically trained in, and sympathetic to, the issues you’re facing.

While there are many online therapists, we put our long-term personal relationships with clients at the heart of everything we do so each person feels the esteem and confidence that comes from feeling consistently loved, supported, and valued. Visit to learn more!

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