Coping With Grief: Clearing Up Common Myths

woman lying in bed coping with grief

There are some common myths surrounding grief that we use to make sense of our experiences, but these myths can be unhelpful or even harmful to our mental health when taken as fact.Grief is an incredibly complicated emotional experience, and one that can be nearly impossible to prepare for.

The Lifecycle and Symptoms of Anxiety: When to Seek Help

man experiencing symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety is a very common condition that almost everyone will deal with at some point in their adult life. While it might sound and feel scary, anxiety can be treated very effectively. The level of anxiety that we feel in our daily lives is dependent on our understanding and management of our symptoms.

Am I Depressed?

man struggling with situational depression

Depression is a very common condition that most adults will deal with from time to time. Oftentimes, depression can be caused by changes in life we aren’t ready or able to adapt to. We depend on stability to stay mentally grounded, and when our routine is thrown out of whack, we can get what’s called situational depression.

Retired, Now What? Avoiding Post-Retirement Depression

senior therapy client with post-retirement depression

When Retirement is Not the Golden Years You Expected Is retirement different than you imagined? If so, you’re not alone. Newly retired people often find themselves with time that they don’t know what to do with. As you work to redefine your life and find a new purpose, you might even be second guessing your […]

The 9 Stages of Grief

woman lying in bed coping with grief

Understanding the Grieving Process Sadly, losing a loved one is an experience almost everyone endures at one point or another. And when we do, even the strong at heart have a difficult time coming to terms with this reality. Clearly, it can be painful to look inward and think about our grief and how we’re […]