Why do Therapists Charge No-Show Fees?

remote mental health therapist

Why do therapists charge no-show fees?  Cancellation policies with fees for no-shows or late cancellations are an industry standard practice for therapists. Many clients ask us why we charge a fee, and the truth is there are a variety of reasons for this policy. Some of these reasons are personal, some are clinical, and some […]

Where to Find a Therapist

woman searching online to find a therapist

A Guide to Seeking Professional Help for Your Mental Health So you’ve decided to see a therapist, but you have no idea where to find a therapist. You’re not alone! Finding mental health services can be a challenging and frustrating experience for people. A quick google search for “therapist near me” will yield hundreds of […]

Dealing With High Functioning Depression

woman experiencing high functioning depression

What is High Functioning Depression? High functioning depression isn’t a DSM-5 mental health condition. Rather, it’s a relative term used to describe less-symptomatic cases of depressive disorders that aren’t noticed by others. The term has become a popular way to label people experiencing a type of depression that doesn’t fit the stereotypes of depression. People […]