The WellQor Way™ means we are there for you.

Turn your concern into care


“I’m worried about Mom.”

You ask questions. Is her arthritis flaring up again? How is the new blood pressure medication working? You might get answers, but still, you worry.

"Is she happy? Is she content?"

The inevitable changes that come with aging can be difficult for anyone. Physical needs can be treated by traditional medical providers, but what about emotional and mental well-being?

Now, WellQor offers a new and innovative Peace of Mind Program, where a professional checks in with your loved one on a regular basis, preparing a report for you explaining and rating just how Mom or Dad is doing (or uncle, aunt, brother, sister, spouse or life partner… anyone you care about).

WellQor is able to give you an objective view of “how things are really going” for your loved one and, if something’s not quite right, what can be done about it.

This is not therapy, not counseling or psychiatric care, but rather an opportunity for your loved one to simply have a periodic friendly and involved conversation with someone trained to ask the right questions and, even more importantly, to listen for warning signs.


WellQor’s “Peace of Mind” Subscription Program

How it works

An experienced WellQor professional calls your loved one on a regular basis to evaluate them for key indicators of overall well-being, provide the companionship your senior needs, and engage your loved one in conversation and mental stimulation.

The resulting Wellness Report is created based on background provided by you (the subscriber), your loved one’s self-assessment, and the objective evaluation from the WellQor professional.  This approach “triangulates” these three perspectives to provide a full picture of your loved one’s state of mind and being. Wellness Reports allow you, your loved one, and the WellQor professional to track progress over time, assess any risks, and determine individual goals.


Subscription Levels

Our basic Peace of Mind “Monitor” level includes a “check-in” call four times a year to evaluate your loved one’s emotional and mental state, each call generating an objective report that includes tips and useful information to help your loved one live a better life. If any issues require deeper attention, WellQor gives your loved one priority access to our clinical organization.

Our next “Guardian” level offers everything the Monitor level includes, plus three significant additions: One, longer calls, meaning more time to get to know your loved one. Two, the evaluation includes an industry-standard, objective measure of cognitive function. Three, we add bi-annual sessions with a WellQor clinical professional to review your loved one’s reports and discuss recommendations and anything else that might need attention.

Last, our premium “Protect” level is our most comprehensive plan, increasing the frequency of the check-in calls to every other month and the review sessions every three months.

At every level, the goal remains the same. To answer the big question… “How’s Mom doing?”

It’s all about your loved one, and you.

Our Peace of Mind Program is designed to be a “check-up” on emotional and cognitive well-being, offering the comfort of knowing someone with knowledge and experience in monitoring what your loved one is going through. 

And it doesn’t have to wait until later stages of life. There are potentially rough transitions all along the way… the empty nest, retirement, loss of a loved one, even simple health changes.  Sometimes the road just gets bumpy. You see your loved one struggle, and that worries you. Or maybe they seem fine, but how do you know what is really going on? 

By subscribing to our proactive Peace of Mind program, issues can be identified early, ideally before they have a detrimental effect on health or functioning. We provide tools and resources to facilitate self-help, and our subscribers have priority access to our licensed Psychologists and Clinical Social Workers when needed to implement plans designed to efficiently move beyond the issue and thrive.

WellQor’s clinical team is here to help.

If a need is identified for testing, treatment or therapy, WellQor’s clinical organization has extensive training and experience in helping older adults and their families cope with the issues they are facing in a direct and meaningful way.

As the leading provider of emotional and cognitive care for seniors, WellQor licensed professionals are part of a nationwide support team of behavioral health specialists. No issue is too small or too big, and our clinicians work one-on-one to form a meaningful therapeutic connection and create personalized “brain health” programs that deliver real and satisfying results while providing comfort and consistent communication about your well-being to your family and caregivers.

Brief interventions designed to have a measurable impact on overall well-being.

WellQor’s clinical approach is rooted in evidence-based medicine and a collaborative care model to achieve the best outcomes for older adults and their families.  Our Licensed Psychologists and Clinical Social Workers make every effort to truly connect with their clients in order to find the most effective ways to help them achieve their personal goals, while closely monitoring progress over time.  


With WellQor, clients receive support in the comfort of their own home.

Thanks to WellQor’s new Telehealth program, getting help for your loved one has never been easier. Using our simple-to-use video conferencing platform, we can now safely connect our clients and their families with experienced Psychologists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

Telehealth with WellQor is convenient, time-saving, and even fun. It eliminates the barriers commonly associated with transportation, waiting rooms, and the general stigmas associated with mental health.

It also means your loved one can now be helped by clinicians who more directly specialize in their issues. Maybe your family member lives in Tampa and requires, and the specialist best experienced with their issue works in Seattle. No problem. WellQor’s Telehealth access means intimate therapeutic relationships can still be formed while allowing clinicians and their clients to meet from wherever they both live.

It’s easy, secure, and offers access to a deeper pool of experienced professionals.

In addition, WellQor clinicians can provide support and updates to family members who might be struggling with how to best understand, support and interact with their loved one during family sessions.  And our patient portal provides access to trends and information, include our innovative Emotional Vitals™, so you can directly monitor progress being made.

Session Benefits include

  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Improved coping skills
  • Increased sense of safety and security
  • Improvements in overall health
  • Fewer hospital visits
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved relationships with loved ones
  • Access to specialized care, specific to the needs of seniors

Services are covered by Medicare*, so out of pocket costs are minimal.

To learn more call (646) 687-4646 or fill out our insurance verification form.

In order to receive Wellqor Telehealth services, you must have access to a compatible device such as a Smartphone, Ipad or tablet, or Computer with Video Capabilities.

*WellQor accepts straight Medicare and Medicare Advantage PPO plans.  For Medicare Advantage HMO plans, coverage is limited to plans that WellQor participates with.