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Wellfam is a new model in care ‚Äď marrying the best of traditional and innovative approaches. Unlike some online counseling options that are directory services or technology platforms, Wellfam is a licensed psychology practice focusing on the specialized online counseling needs of kids, teens and their families. Our patients benefit from consistent, high quality, data-informed care in an easy to connect format.¬†

The Five Tenets of the Wellfam experience are: 

  • Patient Liaison:¬†Your advocate who makes the process easy, matches you with a therapist you love and checks in to make sure you are always happy with our service.¬†
  • Multidisciplinary treatment team:¬†Your best-match licensed therapist helps your child find practical strategies to help improve their day-to-day life, and a clinical director reviews case files and data to ensure the most effective treatment plan is in place.¬†
  • Scientifically proven evidence-based practices:¬†Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family Systems therapy help you achieve measurable positive outcomes over the course of a treatment cycle.
  • Wellfam Emotional Vitals‚ĄĘ:¬†A set of individualized, objective measures are used to assess emotional health and measure progress against goals.¬†
  • Empowering easy-to-use technology:¬†The Wellfam platform empowers you with comfortable, confidential multi-channel communications that reduce stress and allow you to meet from anywhere.¬†

specialized online counseling for families

Our unique team structure ensures quality care.

Our organization model uses a multidisciplinary approach to behavioral healthcare. Our patients each have a team consisting of a patient liaison, therapist and clinical director to ensure consistent quality care and a stress-free experience.

Our Patient Liaisons make things easier for you to find and schedule with your best-match therapist. Patient Liaisons make the onboarding process run smoothly and communicate with you in your preferred format whether Text, Email, Voice, or LiveChat. Liaisons also help with billing questions and solicit patient feedback to ensure continuous satisfaction and improvement. 

Your treatment team consists of a compassionate, fully licensed therapist and data-focused clinical director. Your best-match therapist meets with your child to help him or her find practical strategies to help improve daily life. 

Every Wellfam therapist is a fully licensed mental health professional with a Master’s or Doctorate degree. Our therapists also have completed an additional level of training through Wellfam and regularly collaborate with the practice via Clinician Connect to access specialized knowledge for the overall benefit of the patient.

A PsyD clinical director reviews case files and data to ensure the most effective treatment plan is in place. All diagnoses, treatment plans, and individual therapy notes have at least two sets of eyes on them to ensure quality care is being met. The Wellfam team makes sure every family gets what they need to thrive. 


Data driven insights and measurable treatment goals.

While there is no one-size fits all strategy for kids, teens and families, Wellfam incorporates the scientifically proven evidence-based practices of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Family Systems Therapy over the course of a treatment cycle.

CBT focuses on the cognitive processes that produce feelings and subsequent actions. Our therapists support change in a patient‚Äôs behavior and outlook by helping them achieve a deeper understanding of the underlying thoughts, images, beliefs, and attitudes that contribute to behavior. CBT is focused on the ‚Äėhere and now‚Äô and helps identify and reframe negative thoughts in real time to yield more positive reactions. Clients find confidence and empowerment in realizing that their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are not uncontrollable, but easily manageable.¬†

Alongside CBT, our therapists employ family systems therapy to strengthen a patient’s relationship with their family. Family Systems Therapy emphasizes the idea of the family as an emotional unit and can help an adolescent child become more aware of the way their own and other’s behaviors  affects the well-being of the family unit as whole. We believe that as long as your family relationships stay strong, your mental health stays strong.

Evidenced based methodologies and specialized training.

It is important to us that you see progress towards your goals and that we can monitor the effectiveness of our treatment plan for you. As part of the initial intake process, we use standardized baseline measures, and during treatment, we monitor a set of individualized, objective measures and outcomes measures. Progress is regularly measured to ensure continued benefit and justify ongoing care.

Our specific measures include: 

  • The PhQ9, GAD7 and other commonly accepted diagnostic tools quantify the level to which mental health issues are impacting a patient‚Äôs daily life and provide a benchmark for assessing progress over time. These measurable treatment goals are directly associated with quantitative measures of emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • Self-reported Wellfam Emotional Vitals‚ĄĘ allow session-to-session monitoring to identify areas of concern. Wellfam Emotional Vitals‚ĄĘ are a set of individualized, objective measures used to assess and quantify emotional health. These measures assess factors that are critical for emotional wellness and comprehensive care, including current anxiety, depression, anger, stress and contentment/satisfaction.¬†
  • Outcomes measures quantify the effectiveness of treatment over time, and ensure that objective progress is continually being made.¬†

All of this allows us to achieve the best outcomes for the lowest cost thus maximizing value for patients.

  • Improve resiliency and self-esteem

  • Develop healthy ways to deal with stress

  • Understand your emotions
  • Gain confidence

  • Break unhealthy habits

  • Develop new intrapersonal and interpersonal skills

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Complete our get started form.
  2. Our team will review your insurance, the issues you’re experiencing, your preferences, and therapist availability.
  3. Choose between available therapists and appointment times provided to you by our New Patient Liaisons.
  4. Our back office will verify your insurance coverage to estimate any copayments, coinsurance or deductibles and send you an electronic consent package for your signature.
  5. Complete and sign the electronic consent package sent to your email to confirm your appointment!

Yes! Wellfam sessions are covered by most commercial insurance plans as well as TRICARE¬ģ. Check out our participating plans: Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Beacon Health Options, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Emblem Health, Health Net, Humana, Medicare, Molina Healthcare, Network Health, TRICARE, Optum, and United Healthcare.

When you fill out our get started form, you’ll tell us a little bit about yourself. We’ll compare the information you provide with our therapist’s specialties and availability to find the perfect match for you! You can find the Get Started form at the bottom of this page.

Typically, we can get you an appointment within one to two weeks! However, it all depends on our therapists’ availability in your area. Fill out the Get Started form, at the bottom of this page, and find out today!

Wellfam uses BlueTelemed, which is accessible through web browsers and a mobile application. Prior to each session, you will receive notifications through both email and text containing a secure link you can click on to join the video conference.

To cancel a session, you must provide your therapist with 24 hours advance notice to avoid being subject to a $90 cancellation fee.

No. Wellfam clinicians are medical professionals who are licensed to evaluate, diagnose, and treat emotional health issues without an order from your primary care physician.

Every clinical therapist working for WellFam is licensed and board certified, and holds either a PhD, PsyD, or master’s degree in their field. Many have specific training in their respective specialities, and all of our therapists are supervised by clinical directors who ensure our care meets the highest industry standards. 

Wellfam has a wide network of clinicians with a diverse set of specialties, each devoted to bringing out the best in each other and our clients. Whatever you want to work through, we can match you with a therapist who wants to help you.

Absolutely! We believe that incorporating loved ones into the process can be productive for everyone.  Our telehealth platform allows for group meetings so others can join in when appropriate.

Our clinical team does not prescribe medication. Your therapist will, however, collaborate with your physician when appropriate as we fully believe in the benefits of comprehensive, collaborative care.

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