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Online therapy for teens, children, and their families.

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Special support for the challenges of today’s kids and teens and their families.

Wellfam was founded by a leading national provider of online therapy, WellQor, to support children and teens (10+), and their families, as they navigate the unique challenges of growing up. Through our personalized care and collaborative approach, Wellfam helps children and teens build the skills to love themselves and live their best lives. 

Whether a change of school, a recent parent divorce, or social anxiety, our online therapists are specifically trained in, and sympathetic to, the issues of growing up and the effect these issues have on family dynamics. 

While there are many counselors that provide therapy for child, teen, and family issues, we put our long-term personal relationships with clients at the heart of everything we do so each person feels the esteem and confidence that comes from feeling consistently loved, supported, and valued. Whether you need us today or again in two years, Wellfam will be here ready to pick back up and help you through your challenge so that you can continue to love you more.

online therapy for teens and families

Building confidence through consistent, loving support.

Wellfam cares for every member of the family. By building a long-term relationship with our clients, families receive the support they need to grow and thrive together.

Wellfam makes getting help easy, accessible, and comfortable for children and their families. Without the added stress of running around town to juggle appointments, you can access quality online therapy for teens from licensed professionals.

Clinical Leadership

Unlike other online therapy options that are just directories or technology platforms, Wellfam is an actual psychology practice staffed with a team of licensed professionals specifically trained in working with teens. Our licensed professionals are here to help you through any challenge.

Dr. Amanda Smith

Clinical Director
Amanda Smith, PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 15 years of experience working with...

Dr. Sarah Erickson

Clinical Director
Sarah Erickson, PsyD, has worked in clinical behavioral health settings for over 20 years. She began her...

Linnea Fuchs, MS, LMFT

Vice President
Linnea Fuchs, MS, LMFT has spent the last 25 years serving adolescents and their families...

private, high-quality online therapy for teens

Wellfam’s innovative and comprehensive approach to care.

Wellfam is a new model in care – marrying the best of traditional and innovative options. Our patients and their families benefit from high-quality, data-informed care in an easy-to-connect format. Here are the five tenets of the Wellfam experience. 

  • Patient liaison: Your advocate who makes the process easy, matches you with a therapist you love, and checks in to make sure you are always happy with our service. 
  • Multidisciplinary treatment team: Your best-match licensed therapist helps your child find practical strategies to help improve their day-to-day life, and a clinical director that reviews the case file and data to ensure the most effective treatment plan is in place. 
  • Scientifically proven evidence-based practices: cognitive behavioral therapy and family systems therapy help you achieve measurable positive outcomes over the course of a treatment cycle.
  • Wellfam Emotional Vitals™: A set of individualized, objective measures are used to assess emotional health and measure progress against goals. 
  • Empowering easy-to-use technology: The Wellfam platform empowers you with comfortable, confidential multichannel communications that reduces stress and allows you to meet with a therapist from anywhere.

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About Dr. Amanda Smith

Dr. Amanda Smith, PsyD, is a Licenced Clinical Psychologist with over fifteen years of experience working with children and adolescents. She began her career at Metrocare services in Dallas, Texas, where she provided behavioral therapy to children and adolescents with developmental disabilities. She also coached and trained families on working through behavior disorders in children.

At Metrocare she went on to become the Chief Psychologist and Director for the Developmental Disabilities and Behavior Programs. She oversaw teams of behavioral health professionals who delivered behavioral therapy to children and adolescents with intellectual and behavioral disabilities. She also directed the implementation of critical programs such as the Early Childhood Intervention Program. 

In 2019 she joined WellQor Behavioral Health as a Clinical Director, where she continues to oversee a growing team of mental health professionals treating patients in multiple states. Now, Dr. Smith has brought her unique experience working with children and families to Wellfam, where serves as a founding member.

About Dr. Sarah Erickson, PsyD

Dr. Sarah Erickson, PsyD, has worked in clinical behavioral health settings for over twenty years. She began her career working with adolescents and adults in the Mercy Hospital system, where she performed patient checks and coordinated with hospital staff to intervene in times of crisis and create comprehensive patient treatment plans.

Twelve years ago Dr. Erickson began working as a staff psychologist at a private university in Massachusetts. She has since become the Assistant Director of College Counseling for one of the most selective private Universities in the United States. There, she and her team provide individual and group therapy to students, deliver psychoeducation workshops, and supervise post-doctoral students. In part, Dr. Erickson and her team are responsible for overseeing the mental and emotional wellbeing of the entire student body.

Her frequent and extensive work with young adult and adolescent populations has inspired her to serve as a Clinical Leader for Wellfam. She knows that the incredible amount of growth and change in a young person’s life can be overwhelming, and she has a particular interest in reinforcing life skills that foster happiness and success in young adults.

About Linnea Fuchs, MS, LMFT

Linnea Fuchs, MS, LMFT has spent the last 25 years serving adolescents and their families in various mental health settings. Linnea started her career as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, where she used family systems therapy to help children, teens, and their families overcome family conflict and dysfunction.

She soon developed her skills in clinical management to become the Quality Assurance Director for a large network of children’s behavioral health providers in Los Angeles, CA. Linnea went on to serve as the Clinical Director for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health- pioneering early intervention and prevention programs for youth and families.

Now, Linnea serves as a founding member of Wellfam, and the Vice President of Field Operations at WellQor Behavioral health, where she oversees a nationwide network of behavioral health providers. Linnea works closely with her dynamic team of licensed professionals to provide comprehensive mental healthcare programs for patients across the country.

Currently, Linnea lives in Los Angeles with her two beautiful children, Elin and August, and husband Frank.