Talking to your parents about therapy.

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Getting Parental Support

Why Your Parents Need to Know About Wellfam Online Therapy

Wellfam is a privately run medical practice. Our therapists are licensed professional counselors, and we bill for the care they provide through your insurance. The policyholder on your insurance – your parent or guardian –  needs to be aware of our intention to charge the insurance policy, and ready to assume financial responsibility for your counseling. So, talking to your parents about therapy is an important part of getting a therapist. 

Your Parents' role in therapy

What Your Therapist Will Tell Your Parents

Therapy is most effective when a trusting relationship exists between you and your therapist. It is necessary for you to establish a safe and private space with your therapist that allows you to feel free to discuss personal matters openly in counseling. So, it is our policy to provide parents with general information on your treatment, but your therapist will not share what you’ve disclosed to them without your consent (unless you are in danger, of course!).

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Talking to Your Parents About Therapy

We know that talking about your mental health with your parents might sound scary. Maybe you’re worried that your parents won’t understand, aren’t into counseling or that they’ll dismiss what you’re feeling. Just remember, it’s a parent’s job to help you and love you no matter what. 

They might have already noticed that you don’t seem yourself, so there’s a good chance that approaching them to find a solution will be relieving to them. When talking to your parents: 

  1. Write down your thoughts ahead of time so you know what you really want to say. You don’t have to read it or even bring it when you talk to them, but it helps you mentally practice a bit. 
  2. Choose a low-key moment free of distractions or stressors where you can open up to them with their full attention.  
  3. Focus on what you’re feeling and how it’s affecting your life, and try not to worry about why you might be feeling the way you do. Avoid using too many clinical terms or diagnosing yourself. 
  4. Just let them know what you hope to get out of it – new skills, extra support for a tough time, someone to talk to while you figure some things out, etc. 
  5. If it seems like you were brushed off, or you didn’t get the chance to explain correctly the first time, try again! Afterall, your parents are human, and it might take them a couple tries to fully understand.
  • Improve resiliency and self-esteem

  • Develop healthy ways to deal with stress

  • Understand your emotions
  • Gain confidence

  • Break unhealthy habits

  • Develop new intrapersonal and interpersonal skills

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Yes! Wellfam sessions are covered by most commercial insurance plans as well as TRICARE®. Check out our participating plans: Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Beacon Health Options, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Emblem Health, Health Net, Humana, Medicare, Molina Healthcare, Network Health, TRICARE, Optum, and United Healthcare.

When you fill out our get started form, you’ll tell us a little bit about yourself. We’ll compare the information you provide with our therapist’s specialties and availability to find the perfect match for you! You can find the Get Started form at the bottom of this page.

Typically, we can get you an appointment within one to two weeks! However, it all depends on our therapists’ availability in your area. Fill out the Get Started form, at the bottom of this page, and find out today!

Wellfam uses BlueTelemed, which is accessible through web browsers and a mobile application. Prior to each session, you will receive notifications through both email and text containing a secure link you can click on to join the video conference.

To cancel a session, you must provide your therapist with 24 hours advance notice to avoid being subject to a $90 cancellation fee.

No. Wellfam clinicians are medical professionals who are licensed to evaluate, diagnose, and treat emotional health issues without an order from your primary care physician.

Every clinical therapist working for WellFam is licensed and board certified, and holds either a PhD, PsyD, or master’s degree in their field. Many have specific training in their respective specialities, and all of our therapists are supervised by clinical directors who ensure our care meets the highest industry standards. 

Wellfam has a wide network of clinicians with a diverse set of specialties, each devoted to bringing out the best in each other and our clients. Whatever you want to work through, we can match you with a therapist who wants to help you.

Absolutely! We believe that incorporating loved ones into the process can be productive for everyone.  Our telehealth platform allows for group meetings so others can join in when appropriate.

Our clinical team does not prescribe medication. Your therapist will, however, collaborate with your physician when appropriate as we fully believe in the benefits of comprehensive, collaborative care.

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